ATM 405 - Atmospheric Dynamics I


Course Description: Derivation and scaling of the equations of atmospheric motion; hydrostatic and geostrophic balance; circulation and vorticity.

Prerequisite: MSC 305 Or ATM 305 and MTH 310 Or Permission of Instructor

ATM / MPO765 - General Circulation of the Atmosphere


Course Description: Course topics include structure and behavior of planetary scale motions, energy, momentum, and moisture budgets of the general circulation, and models of the general circulation and climatic change.

ATM / MPO 752 - Vortex Dynamics


Course Description: This course will cover fundamental to advanced topics in vortex dynamics. A review of fluid dynamics and vorticity in two dimensions will be followed by studies of vortex dynamics in three-dimensional, incompressible flow and in three-dimensional, stratified flow.